Production Spyrou Bros

The potential of our quarry in productivity are great and we are able to cover orders of major volume at ease. We continue working throughout the year (with the exception to the winter month) giving us the ability for direct delivery. It is worth mentioning that slates bear little elboration while Marbles can bear much for it.

Qur Moto

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”.

Our production is mainly based on a program that covers our customers’ needs. Otherwise our production is adjusted to certain orders. In our productivity and processing unit, there is a string of machinery for cutting the stones and elaborating the marbles, with fully staff trained on their usage and function.

Latest from:


Thickness: 1,5-2,5cm or 3-5cm
For: stair, floor, wall, threshold, wall skirting, staircase (riser), doors, window sill, roof ...

Corner Stone

Thickness: no specific shape or form
For: stairs, floors, walls, doors, threshold, window sill, collumns, arches, fireplaces ...


Thickness - Dimensions:
after request
For: stair, floor, wall, threshold, wall skirting, staircase (riser), window collumns, marble cladding ...


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